Do you constantly crave for something to munch on? Yet many times, you just find yourself reaching out to the nearest readily-available oily-and-full-of-MSG chips you can find, because you simply do not have the time to prepare your own healthy snacks, no matter how fast and easy the recipes are. We know how this hectic life feels – We’ve been through that and that is why we are going to share 10 healthier snacks you can get from Redmart (Without sacrificing on taste satisfaction!). You can now snack with less guilt and it is really hassle-free – just add to cart, check out and have your snacks delivered to your doorstep!

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Slightly Salted Lightly Sweet Popcorn

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Made from whole grains, popcorns are high in fibre and antioxidants. However, these benefits are negated with all the added sugar, butter and flavourings found in many pre-packaged popcorns. This popcorn right here strikes a nice balance between healthy and delicious – Not too bland, but not too sweet too!

Sea Salt Pretzels

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With lower calories and fats, Pretzels make a great crunchy-alternative to tortilla and potato chips. On top of that, they contain additional nutrients, such as fibre, iron and zinc.



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These cookies are packed with nutrients from the addition of superseeds. The presence of cranberries gave a nice touch to the overall taste of the cookie and sweetened the cookies slightly.

Sugar-free Dark Chocolate with Almonds

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Apart from being powerful antioxidants, dark chocolates contain flavonoids, shown to reduce your bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The almond pairing in this chocolate adds a nice crunch to the rich and smooth chocolate.

Unsweetened Dried Mango

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If you love chewing on gums and gummies, you would love dried fruits too. Keep your mouth busy while getting the natural benefits from the fruit itself – this makes a perfect snack to munch on when you’re bored! Bonus: this has no added sugar, which is pretty rare to find these days.

P.s. Mango aids in digestion, promotes a healthy gut and also boosts your immunity system!


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Get all your nuts and fruits nutrition in just one packet of goodness! No sugar is needed in this muesli to make it taste good, since there is already a hint of natural sweetness from the dried fruits in it.

Vanilla Bean Yogurt

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This creamy yogurt not only tastes good with the natural taste of vanilla bean, the presence of live cultures in yogurt makes it great for digestion. This is a great substitute for ice creams!

Vegan Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

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Can’t give up your ice creams? This one’s for you – Ice cream minus the calories and fatty cream, yet with the same creamy and chocolate-rich taste – there is barely any taste difference despite being healthier!

Almond Milk

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Made with just almonds and water, it is low in calories and cholesterol-free while still providing you with the protein and healthy fats you need. This popular cow’s milk substitute is also vegan and lactose-intolerant friendly!

Instant SuperFood Juice

Comes in a puree form, Doki juice is like no other superfood drinks in the market. Just tear open the pouches, add water and mix it – There you have, your fuss-free fruit juice, with added superfoods for an additional boost!

P.s. These are all made from real natural fruits, with no artificial colours, flavours and refined sugars so you know you are really getting the benefits from the fruits – with added convenience. Taste the pulps and you’ll know it’s true!

This delicious instant superfood juice also comes in 4 other flavours.


There you have, 10 healthier-yet-still-delicious snacks options you can purchase from online so you have no excuses to be snacking on unhealthy chips anymore!

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