A continuation to the first part of Collagen 101, do read up on part 1 if you haven’t already! Learn more about the types of collagen available, the benefits of each type, why you need them and the difference between collagen from the various sources here!

How much Collagen is needed?

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Now that we understand collagen will be lost inevitably as one ages, how much collagen does one need to supplement exactly? It is recommended to take 5000mg of collagen a day as an average body (of a person above 20 years old) utilises between 2,000 to 5,000mg every day.
Though taking lots of collagen would not be harmful, it may cause slight discomfort in stomach such as feeling of bloating when collagen is over consumed, subjective to each individual’s body.

Why take collagen supplements?

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There are many formats of collagen out there, in drinks, tablets, facial creams and even in meats.

Collagen taken orally targets the deeper layers of the skin, where collagen losses occur. This helps replenish the collagen in skin directly to repair the cells at a structural level.

Facial creams on the other hand acts only on the top skin layer. The visible effects observed with creams are mainly due to increased hydration, instead of improvement in skin cell level.

How about food with collagen, such as animal skin, you may wonder? These naturally occurring collagen found in food has a high molecular weight and cannot be easily absorbed into the body. Supplements usually contain hydrolysed collagen, which are collagen proteins that have already been broken down into smaller pieces for increased absorption power.

When to drink? 

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Any time of the day is good, but it is recommended to drink about 1-2 hours before bedtime as the skin restores its balance while you sleep. Refrain from taking them right before going to bed though, as you’ll need to give your body enough time to fully digest and absorb the collagen to see better results.

When to expect results?

Visible results usually require daily intake of collagen for 4 weeks straight and of course, this differs for every individual. To achieve better and faster results, cut away unhealthy habits such as sleeping late and alcohol consumption. Have a balanced diet, try to reduce your daily caffeine intake and always remember to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from further damages from the overexposure to UV rays.

What are some Collagen Supplements?

There are many supplements out there such as tablets, powders and drinks to choose from. However, if you’d like to experience drinking collagen in a fun way, or if you don’t fancy the fishy after-taste that is commonly present in marine collagen products, we’d recommend Doki Doki’s GLOW Collagen Juice series. Made with 5000mg Hydrolysed Type 1 Marine Collagen in each serving, the best among collagens for skin health and beauty.

GLOW Collagen Juice: Just add water for juice

Specially curated with a blend of fruits and superfoods to bring out the best effect of Collagen for a healthy, glowing skin. Made with real fruits for great taste, and biteable pulps for a fun and delightful drinking experience. No concentrates at all, rest assured.
Now available in 3 flavours to choose from, with the addition of the newest Passion Dragon Fruit GLOW with Snow Fungus.

Passion Dragon Fruit with Snow Fungus GLOW Collagen Juice

Passion Dragon with Snow Fungus for deep hydration, Lychee Goji for brightening and Mango Peach for blemish care – there’s something for everyone!


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